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About Us

Star America Radio was started by Daniel Melvin who was born and raised in Detroit.  He’s been involved in Music as a Professional Singer since 1969, singing across the U.S.A and various other parts of the world.  He got started in the radio industry in his home city of Detroit, first as a Board Operator then got trained in the Production Department creating radio drops for various  shows on the station as well as creating and doing Voice-Over Work for Radio Commercials for the advertising clients of the station.  He soon became the new Production Manager of the department.


Shortly after being moved into that position, an opportunity to be the On-Air Personality for the Jazz Show came into play at that station.  The Jazz show was late night, so it didn’t affect his production manager work, which was during regular business hours.  So, for the next 5 years Daniel was Production Manager, On-Air Personality for the station and still performed as a Professional Singer.  Later, the singing & traveling became so consistent, he had to  leave the radio station.  After many years of Singing across the country and other parts of the world Daniel decided to start settling down more and eliminated the overseas travel and started to sing only locally in Detroit and surrounding area.   In 2001 he moved to Florida due to a Bank Vice Presidency offer made to his wife who was a Multiple Award-winning Bank Manager in Detroit. 


After moving to Florida, Daniel continued his singing career within the confines of Florida and his wife continued to excel in the Banking Industry, winning countless awards.  After being in Florida 3 years, and while performing in a restaurant owned by Hall Of Fame Football Coach Mike Ditka, Daniel accidentally ran into his fellow announcer and the person who trained Daniel in Radio Production in Detroit.  That person had moved to Florida 2 years before Daniel and happened to be the Manager of the  Smooth Jazz station at Clear Channel Radio in Fort Myers, FL.   This chance meeting is how Daniel got into radio in Florida.  Radio technology had become so advanced that Daniel could continue singing and be the new Smooth Jazz On-Air Personality for Clear Channel Radio.  As with anything, years went by, things changed, Clear Channel Radio got purchased.   


Daniel continues to sing but missed his involvement with the radio industry. So now due the industry’s crossed over to the internet, an opportunity to own an Internet Radio station came into place.  Thus, this creation of Star America Radio.

Making Music

Our goal is to provide, like other stations, a variety of music genres, including Smooth Jazz. Our station will also provide motivation and encouragement, help in the areas of personal/business growth & development, as well as maintain diversity and inclusion throughout all that we create for this station.


It's absolutely a part of our goal to make these things the important parts of our business. Continuing to address these issues is the core of our ongoing commitment.

Our Commitment

Create and Maintain diversify of our teams. Our content will be written, edited, and managed by teams of staff andfreelancers, all of which must be diverse.

We want to also educate and inform. We will continue educating ourselves about the challenges that arise in the lives of our listeners regardless of what community they may be a part of.  As we evolve, grow, and tweak our content, we pledge to review and update as needed. Your feedback throughout that time will be very important to that end.

We will better organize our content around the digital divide. Technology is more than a smartphone or tablet; it’s also about people and their levels of access to the internet, hardware, education, security, and more. We strive to commit to organizing our existing collection of content into a dedicated, easy-to-find section on our site.


This is not the end of our commitment. We will continue to educate ourselves and expect our goals to expand over time, especially as we expand our team.

We also know there is no progress without accountability, so we promise to be fully transparent and provide an update on the status of our goals as we make them.

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