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Music That Makes Your Heartbeat Faster, Brings Back Memories and Soothes Your Soul.  Music Has The Ability To Deeply Affect Our Mental States and Raise Our Mood.  When We Need It, Music Gives Us Energy and Motivation.  When We’re Worried, It Can Soothe Us; When Weary, It Can Encourage Us, and When We’re Feeling Deflated, It Can Re-Inspire Us.

Music is also used for what you say, not just for entertainment, but also for accompanying us while we perform other missions. Whatever your endeavor, mission or what you’ve decided to do or get done for that specific moment, listening to music while doing it, produces amazing results because of the simple fact that it motivates and ignites the imagination.

We bring the power of music through this station, Star América Radio, for you to enjoy your music not only for entertainment purposes but also to motivate, encourage and help you find your peace through music for relaxing, energizing, remembering, meditating, and even brooding if need be.


Smooth Jazz in Paradise
With Daniel Melvin

Mon-Sat: All Day

Sun: 6:30 p.m


Community Comments

Mon-Sat: 6:00 p.m


Great Christian And Gospel Songs

Sundays: 9:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m

Bigger Star America Radio Concert (2).jpg
Music, Education, Information and Fun.

This is the goal for this New Station as we build our content and team. The team is looking forward to learning how we can better elevate the voices and ideas of our listeners and advertisers.

We're excited to bring all this great content together in a sharable, easy-to-locate place on Star America Radio so more people can enjoy it.

Bigger Star America Radio Concert

In an effort to support


Those Local Businesses that wish to join us in Our Launch by running a Commercial Spot with us, can do so by having a Business Spot created with us for only $25 (one time fee) and it will air with us every day for FREE for 60 days.

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